Sunday, March 6, 2011

Photographer + Videographer


for this session i don't want to get involve since i had a bad experienced last time drg my E-day..
so this time my sister and mum will settle it for me..
they chose and i need dad's approval since it's quite pricey..
and he says : OK !!!!
yeayyy thanx dad..I LOVE U!!!
 they will cover 4 events (khatam quran + solemnization + reception: bride's n groom's side)
they will send 2 photographer + 2 videographer for each event..


LisaLisut said...

finally u update blog.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Bride~To~Be said... skit dgn mcm mn ur prep?

LisaLisut said...

haha biasa least part yg aku cuak = catering dah book.yg lain2 tu aku mls nk pk.go with the flowwww.nt dh dkt br nk gelabah kot.hikhikhik

Bride~To~Be said...

wei jgn wei sbb before settle verything ni byk kali i mimpi yg nie x book la tue x book la..hahaha..trus i call my mum suruh settlekn everything..hahahaha...scary ok..better book cpt skit..nnt semua bnd pun sold out...

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