Saturday, December 18, 2010

September 2011

finally i have the courage to announce my wedding's date since the date keeps on changing. i have to wait for my parents's approval..and yeaaa September will be a perfect time !!!

Malam Berinai
14th September 2011

Khatam Quran
15th September 2011
3 PM

15th September 2011
8.30 PM

17th September 2011

thanx to my family and Mr.Azri for supporting me through the busy time rite now..with my studies, exams etc..really appreciate it..LURVE y'all..


Scha mimie said...

hi bride to be is it?
im mimie! do visit me if u free okay!!
btw..u r so cute!

Bride~To~Be said...

hye dear..yeah soon..sure i will thanx..:)

ainnazari said...

b2b on next yr??? mine too around may insyaallah
i've linked u dear...

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