Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding Dress

Think your wedding dress has to be a Vera Wang to look great on your BIG day?
like Marion Caunter...
i wish i could..
last summer Ryna went to Jakel's to find few fabrics for solemnization and reception ceremony..
 this one lady brought me to this one department where i could see all nice fabrics with variety of colors...
she's so nice and knows how to treat their customers..
i asked for pink and green color since those two will be the color of choice for my wedding..
BUT they couldn't find me the green one.. 
they said some fabrics are particularly popular this season but it may change little from season to season..and it depends on the designer..
she asked "why adek xnak amik putih for akad nikah ?"
but for my opinion a white solemnization ceremony may have been the norm in the past but a current trend brides prefer to add a pink color..
but if u want to stick with white, u can use your bridesmaids to add color..
so my final choice will be PINK..
and i don't care about the tradition and whatsoever..
ok back to the story, suddenly she brought me a beautiful stunning and splashing green fabric..
i can't get my eyes on that's so *speechless*..
then i asked for the price...
i hope u can guess how much does it cost??
RM8k per meter...
i like it so much but i won't spend RM32k just for my wedding dress..
MaMa likes it too but she said the same thing " it's too expensive, dear just for one dress"..
 i spent roughly about RM6k for my wedding dress..(not me, my dad actly)
not included "baju akad nikah" which is around that price..
and "baju khatam quran and malam berinai"...

mama said " u should frame all your dresses after those ceremonies since u just wear it once"


LisaLisut said...

woweeee welcome aboard.hihi.babe mahal ok semeter 8k.gile la..i pn dh jumpa bj nikah kt jakel tatau la lawa ke x ble dh siap nnt.hopefully lawa.huhuhu...

Bride~To~Be said...

thanx dear..ABSOLUTELY!! but sgt cantek!! i xtahan ke xpe nnt iA i dtg k ur wedding..:)

LisaLisut said...

update la blog selalu.mana g blog lama?delete?blog aku yg daily n private tu ade lg.hihi.nt pas kawin aku ttp je blog wedding ni.suke2 je cr kawan n info sbnrnye hoho.

Bride~To~Be said...

same here babe..after wedding tutup jgk account nie..

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