Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding Invitations

Save d date ppl !!!
yeah mama called me this morning n asked me bout the invitation card..
what should i write and how to match with the theme...
she asked me to choose some hadith and few words from Al-Quran..
ok mama i'm here in russia n i guess u r the one yg kene decide for me...
whatever it is,
it should be beautiful, stunning and unique !!!

one thing yang ryna x suke sekarang, Abah depart fr Mas to Jakarta next Monday so i have approximately 1 1/2 day je nak decide semua bende tue.
at least kene pegi Jakarta 3-4 times.
Next trip Mama kene buat follow up.(check spellings ..etc)
3rd trip kene check if dah siap ke belum.
and the last trip br boleh amik that cards.
pity U mama..
but i tahu sure u akan sgt suke since boleh shopping as well !!!

Thank You so much Mama..
Love u lotz..


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